Full Circle Theatre

Full Circle Theatre is an unincorporated collective of artists who first came together in 2010. We are committed to the celebration of women in theatre. As a group, we produce classical works and write new plays – we just want to create! We strive to serve as a venue for young artists to discover their voice through movement and text, playing great roles and creating greater ones in an inclusive and open atmosphere.

Current Project

Riverona Episode 1

Do you love Shakespeare? Do you also love (or love to hate) Riverdale? Finally, how about how the teenagers on every teen drama tv show are essentially played by 30 year olds? (And their parents are played by 35 year olds?)

Y’all. Have we got the project for you!

Riverona will be a 4 “episode” theatrical adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, all done up in a teen drama hat. The script seamlessly blends original text with contemporary wit, guaranteed to make you cry laughing. And maybe cry for real. Full Circle Theatre is dissecting tropes and exploring text the most fun way we can.

For now, there is an invited staged reading coming up (email us here if you want info), but watch this space for more details!

Most Recent Show

Unprecedented TImes Poster

Unprecedented Times

Over the past year, the world has pivoted constantly in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and so has Full Circle Theatre. Unprecedented Times is a completely new, virtual play created by some of your favourite Full Circle Theatre veterans. Be prepared to laugh, roll your eyes, and feel that creeping sense of “this is all too familiar” in this slice-of-life comedy. Three nights only, in your living room, on your computer screen!

Starring: Claire Bolton, Erin Weir, Kendra Hutchinson, Kevin Weir, Megan Baldrey

Show Dates: June 17, 18, 19 at 7:30 pm

Location:                Your Computer! (You will receive an email with a link to our private YouTube livestream on the day)
Tickets:                  $10 per household or Pay-What-You-Can

Previous Shows

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