Eighty-Eight Beer Advent Calendar – Day One

eighty-eight beer advent calendar - day 1

One of the things that really kept me going, kept me inspired, during Blogmas last year was my holiday beer exchange. It gave me something consistent to write about and I had fun being creative with how I photographed the beers. You know? I looked at the things I did a little bit differently. Fun!

This year, life has really been life. I have been able to fill my life with so many things I absolutely love and it’s been full of changes. (I’ll talk more about this when I do my Word of the Year post, as that is the place for reflections.) However, it hasn’t allowed for a lot of bandwidth left over for organizing a beer exchange. In fact, it hasn’t allowed for a lot of bandwidth left over for much, other than dropping things in my living room and going on to the next thing… Imma gonna need to declutter my living room this weekend.

And I’m not the only one. We are living full lives, y’all! (Also, my dear friend Megan, who was the driving force behind last year’s exchange, broke her ankle. We have all entered a season of rest in sympathy.) 

Anyway. All that to say – this year I bought a beer advent calendar from Eighty-Eight Brewing Company, home of my favourite local beer, Tiffany. I’ll write more about Eighty-Eight in my next advent calendar post, as I’ve already rambled enough here today, so let’s get onto the beer!

First Some Housekeeping

Oh yes, thank you, me. 

General housekeeping:

As always, I will be keeping the beer behind a cut for those who are doing the advent calendar on a different schedule. (The brewery itself is starting on Dec 13.) 

Eighty-Eight includes a little hint for each beer, so before the cut, I will try to guess which beer it is. Except for today, Day One, because I only came up with this idea now. 

Day One Clue

day 1 clue

And now follow me through the cut!

Hi-Fi (Hazy IPA)

day 1 beer - hi-fi

Readers from last year might remember that I adore a hazy IPA. Hops are not my fav, but you throw a little haze in there? Add a little bit of a fruit flavour? I’m there for it! 

Hi-fi is a little citrusy, a little stone fruit-y, and terribly crushable. I don’t think I’ve ever had this one before (it’s fairly new), but I will definitely be picking it up in the future. It may be a little bit summer-y for the current cold snap we are living through in Calgary. But I drank it while watching an episode of Survivor, so it was accidentally a perfect pairing. (More thoughts on the season to come later… #TeamOwen.)

hi-fi with survivor

Oh, and I know y’all love stats – 6.7% ABV and a 50 IBU. A perfect beer for an IPA wuss like me.

Do you have an advent calendar this year? Let me know what you are being surprised by daily in the comments!

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