Miracle on 1st Street (Proof) – Pop-up Holiday Bar

Readers from last year’s Blogmas will remember that I truly love a pop-up holiday bar. I love kitsch, I love special drinks, I love a theme – how could I not be head over heels for a pop-up? Last year, I was all about the tiki drinks but this year Claire and I decided to go a little bit more upscale and check out the Miracle on 1st Street pop-up at Proof!

I forgot to take any pictures of the decor, so thank goodness for being able to embed instagram posts!

The Vibe

Much like Sippin Santa, Miracle is an international pop-up. In fact, it is actually the predecessor to the tiki event we attended last year. The Miracle beverage menu is built on twists to more classic cocktails. However, it’s still full of nostalgia and kitsch… and there is still fun glassware that you can purchase for your own home, if you are so inclined. 

Miracle on 1st Street looks like Christmas threw up on Proof in the best possible way. I truly wouldn’t have been able to do it justice, even if I were a good blogger who took good pictures, you’re just going to have to go check it out yourself. After all, the wall across from the entrance is completely covered in Christmas balls… you know you want to go!

The Miracle on 1st Street Drinks

miracle on 1st stret menu

I know what you’re really here for. Poorly lit pictures of the drink menu where half the prices are cut off. Well, I am here to give you the content you want!

Claire and I were determined to try many drinks while also having the exact same taste in beverages, so our plan was only slightly successful. Look, you gotta like what you like. 

Snowball Old Fashioned

Snowball Old Fashioned

Look at how cute that snowball ice cube is! And the Miracle on 1st Street menu art! All adorable!

I will admit, this one was a pretty classic (though delicious) Old Fashioned. My palate is only mediocre at best, despite years working at Starbucks and Earls, but I’m not convinced the gingerbread added a ton. That said, this is a fantastic option if you are bringing along a serious friend who drinks serious drinks, and doesn’t want to play in the whimsy. And even if you do love whimsy, you will probably still love it. After all, Claire is basically made of whimsy and it was her fav!



This was probably my favourite drink out of the four I tried. I am a huge fan of elderflower in my cocktails (a St. Germain spritz is one of my favourite easy cocktails to make at home). That said, I also like a little bit of savoury to cut my sweet and I think the dry vermouth and rosemary did that well.

Elfing Around (guest appearance: Yippie Ki Yay, MotherEffer)

Elfing Around & Yippie Ki Yay

Hey look! You can get a little peek of the decor in this picture! And one of the most fun glasswares in the form of Claire’s “Yippie Ki Yay Mother Effer”. I, however, could not resist the allure of the word “shrub” and had to get the Elfing Around. It was delicious and almost too drinkable… in the way that a mimosa is, you know? Except that this “mimosa” has a solid 3 oz of booze…

Santa’s Little Helper

Santa's Little Helper

The menu describes Santa’s Little Helper as effervescent and I would absolutely agree. This was a perfect little final drink, easy and light, while still having a complexity of flavour. However, it is such a summery drink that I’m not sure how popular it will be on cold nights. But it was still delish…

Final Thoughts

Claire and I absolutely recommend Miracle on 1st Street if you are a person who likes fancy cocktails. Or if you are someone willing to splurge on a vibe-y night that will get you into the holiday spirit. Honestly, I’m considering heading back so I can try one of their warm drinks – y’all know I love a warm alcohol.

I must share a warning – just like Ricardo’s, Proof is a small space. For the best experience: get there early, know that you might have to join the waitlist, or be prepared to cozy up at the bar like Claire and I did. (Which, quite honestly, was lovely! 10 of 10, would do it again!)

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